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Latissa G

This was my first time Refinancing my home and I must admit it was a very terrifying experience because this is my first home. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being screwed over in any way and Sean made sure I was taking care of 1000% from beginning to the end. Sean was referred to me through my son and the process was absolutely amazing. I wouldn’t change a thing..Sean and his team made my process so relatively easy and stress free. He was there with me virtually holding my hand from beginning to end. Sean was working for me after hours even when I didn’t know it and I absolutely appreciate his Consistency and Dedication. Sean gave me and my family 1000% and I appreciate everything he has done..Sean was patient, didn’t make me feel like I was asking dumb questions ..he took the time to explain everything to me step-by-step ..even sent YouTube videos explaining the each process step by step. I absolutely love love love my process with Sean and his amazing Team.❤️
Sean Imadiyi Loan Officer

Sean Imadiyi